What about the economics of this dream?

Buying a plain lot or buying a lot and build a home at GreenWood Village will probably be a solid real estate investment - no matter if you are able to pay it cash or if you take a loan. Beautiful land like this with the potential infrastructure for a Quality Resort as you find it there will become rare. There is an increasing demand from nature minded people to living in freedom in places like this.

So you can buy your lot and build your individual house on it to live your dream for a certain time and later sell it at an increased value. Or you may just buy a plain lot with the option of building your home later – or selling your lot later. 

Whatever you decide to do will probably be a good investment paying back your money on the long run. And in the meantime:
Enjoy your dream of Arizona! 

How to get to Greenwood Village

Although „away from it all“ GreenWood Village is easy to reach by car:

  • Coming from the West (California) you take Historic Route 66 from Kingman. After about 25 miles turn right to Hackberry Road and follow road signs to GreenWood Village all the way on County maintained roads up to any lot offered.
  • Coming from the East you drive Route 66 from Seligman about 50 miles and turn into Hackberry Road on the left. 
  • If you come from Las Vegas (North), where you have your next Metropolitan Airport, you drive down about 100 miles to Kingman on Highway 93. 
  • And finally from Phoenix (South) you drive up about 180 miles on Highway 93 directly to Hackberry Road. 

So from all cardinal points you find a comfortable road to GreenWood Village!