For us, trustworthy and locally settled partners are vital for safe and transparent land purchase at Greenwood Village Arizona. 

All available lots are in a local Trust at Pioneer Title Agency in Kingman, making all transactions manageable and safe for everybody involved.

Wendy Hassell, located at the Title Companies office in Kingman, ensures a professional escrow service and is familiar with our land. She is available for any questions about the escrow process.

We are thankful for the successful partnership with Wendy and the Pioneer Title Agency Team over the last decades.


Wendy Hassel

Escrow Officer
Office: Kingman
Phone: +1 (928) 753-5578

About Pioneer Title Agency

Pioneer Title Agency is a family-owned business with strong local ties.
The Newlon family, Bob and his wife Betty, son Keith and his wife Cindy, founded Pioneer Title in Sierra Vista in 1985.