Little has changed since the days of the Old West, where the surroundings consist of exquisite mountain views, the fresh scent of junipers and piñon pines and the warm soothing feel of the Arizona sun.

1993 a group of Western fans had a dream. When we saw this wonderful land surrounded by mountains away from traffic and pollution we bought it as an alternative investment. The decisive factor for us has been the security of real estate and the engagement in a project that meant much more to us than just monetary values: Values such as nature, landscape, freedom, lifestyle, outdoor activities and – compared to shareholdings – property, responsibility, stability.

We have carefully planned the entire development. All roads are built, all approvals are obtained and we are ready to hand over beautiful lots to you. Each house is built on a minimum 5 acre lot. The roads are owned and maintained by the County. Make your dream come true and build your home now.

See you soon in Arizona!

66 Development LLC

Today's Management (2019 - today)

Samuel Labhart, Werner Fleischmann (GM), Matthias Fleischmann


Founding members of the board (1993 - 2019)

Konrad Labhart, Klaus Wernigk, Werner Fleischmann (GM)